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Workers’ Compensation

F. Lee Maes Law also serves Denver by focusing on Workers’ Compensation.  Workers’ Compensation is a unique area of law that requires special knowledge and experience.

aWe have represented clients in Workers’ Compensation cases in the following:

  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Food Services
  • Catastrophic work injuries including:
  • Death claims
  • Amputations
  • Severe back injuries
  • Extremity cases – leg and arm injuries

We work with your medical team to insure that your health is taken care of as you seek the justice you deserve.

An injured worker is in too much distress to help himself.  Experiencing an injury while at work can be very traumatic.  The injured worker has to deal with pain as well as meet requirements from the employer, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and state regulations.  As such, you should
contact this office as soon as possible to get immediate assistance.

A worker injured on the job may be entitled to the following workers compensation benefits:
1.  Medical treatment, including hospitalization, surgical care, MRI’s, Cat scans, X-rays etc.
2.  Lost wages
3.  Payment for Physical Impairment
4.  Payment for scarring
5.  Totally and Permanently Disabled victims can receive lost wages for life.


  • When injured on the job, you should immediately report the incident to your Supervisor or to the Human Resources department of your employer.
  • If your work injury threatens your life or limbs, seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room and then notify your supervisor in writing.
  • Although you are required to file a written report of your work injury within four days of the accident, in practice, you should never leave the job site without reporting the accident and injury using a “First Report of Injury Form.”
  • In your written report, describe in detail how you were injured and describe all of the symptoms that you are experiencing.  Tell exactly the same story and details to the medical providers that treat you.
  • You should request an immediate appointment with the employer’s approved medical treatment provider.  Seek medical care only from the medical provider designated by your employer, or you will be responsible for your own medical expenses.
  • Return to work on the day that the doctor orders you to return to work even if

the doctor gives you part time work with restrictions.  Failure to return to work
immediately can result in termination of your job, and can affect you benefits.


If you fail to follow the requirements described above, the Insurance Carrier may deny your benefits.  Once you report your injury, your employer must give you the name of the designated medical provider so you can seek medical treatment.  The employer must also file a report of the injury with its insurance company within ten days of your injury.  The insurance carrier then takes responsibility for paying your benefits.State Workers’ Compensation Claim

A Claim for your Workers Compensation injury should be filed with the COLORADO DIVISION OF WORKERS’ COMPENSATION.  Filing your claim will force the employer to report the matter to his Insurance Carrier.  Filing your claim will also force the Insurance Carrier to pay your benefits.  Failing to file such a claim can seriously affect your benefits and can result in a denial of your benefits.  Contacting an attorney as early as possible is important to get assistance in wading through
a complex process.

As a Christian personal injury law firm, our goal is to get you the JUSTICE YOU DESERVE.

What do I do next?

NOTICE:  The information contained herein is offered as a public service and is not intended to provide legal advice.  Please consult an attorney licensed to practice in the state of Colorado for any accident or work injury occurring in Colorado.