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Car Accident Lawyer in Denver, Personal Injury Law Firms, F. Lee Maes: Serving Since 1985


F. Lee Maes Law has been a Christian attorney in Denver in cases involving personal injury, workers’ compensation, and auto collision attorney for over 25 years.

Accidents. Although he has successfully represented clients in other types of cases, Mr. Maes chooses to focus on three areas of law:

 Car Accident Law

Personal injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys Denver

Workers’ Compensation 

Auto Collision

Personal injury attorney Denver Co, Car Denver personal injury lawyer
Accident injuries. If you has suffered a traffic accident with sequels, bodily injuries, property damages or an economic prejudice you have the right to an indemnification for traffic accident. You can request an indemnification for cervical sprain for example or claim his insurance one If it has had an accident and him there have been caused physical and or material consequences our equipment will defend his case, and in the majority of cases without expenses of procedure, since it will have them covered by policy. Our aim is that he receives the maximum possible indemnification. Car Accident Defense.
By focusing on three areas of law, Mr. Maes is able to stay at the cutting edge of legislation, court rulings, and legal research. Accident expert. In this way, he has become an proficient in these fields and regularly consults with mentors and experts to be a cutting edge litigator.  Mr. Maes believes that victims deserve justice and he is dedicated to helping them achieve it. Accident Cases Lawyer.

We will study his case, will survey the facts and will calculate the maximum possible indemnification.

Car Accident protection.